AltRider Radiator Guard for the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Water Cooled

Made from 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) anodized aluminum, the radiator guard prevents sticks and other dangers from puncturing the heart of the cooling system. Specially designed louvers deflect errant debris, while simultaneously directing airflow through the radiator to keep the water boxer cool. The radiator guard is spaced a minimum 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) from the radiator face to further enable airflow.

The AltRider guard is the only design on the market to mount using a robust 4 inch (101.6 mm) mounting tab to evenly distribute any impact forces. Installation is a breeze – simply remove the three bolts holding the shroud in place, insert the guard, and reinstall the shroud. There are no spacers to deal with or hardware to add, and no need to remove the fairings. The perfect geometry of the guard exactly matches the contours of the shroud creating an exceptionally strong yet simple mount.

Available in anodized silver or black

Technical Features

  • All AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Two piece guard deflects debris while directing airflow through radiator
  • 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) aluminum
  • Height (each) – 10 inches (25.4 cm)
  • Width (each) – 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
  • Weight (each) – .25 lb (.11 kg)
  • Available in anodized silver or black
  • Specifically designed for use on the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

Radiator guards for the R 1200 GS Adventure also available.

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