Clover RS-9 Racing Glove Kangaroo


Race Replica glove -PPE : Personal Protective Equipment -CE certification : EN 13594: 2015 – CE category Certification : “1 KP” level

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Technical Features

  • Back zone: goat leather
  • Palm zone: Kangaroo leather + Microfiber reinforcements
  • TPR + Carbon knuckles shield
  • TPR reinforcement on palm
  • Double TPR reinforcements on external side of the glove
  • TPR reinforcement on back ( vented )
  • TPR reinforcement on little finger
  • Paddings reinforcements on palm and fingers
  • Microfiber reinforcements on palm
  • Double stitching on critical areas
  • Ring finger little finger connection
  • Double wrist closure
  • Double FLAP elasticized wrist closure
  • Elasticized panels on side of the glove
  • Elasticized panels on fingers
  • Elasticized panels on thumb
  • Knuckles canalized Ventilation System
  • Elasticized wrist
  • External side stitchings on fingers
  • Silicon sure-grip on palm, forefinger and middlefinger

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